Monday, January 21, 2002:
Amanda // 12:34 PM


Today Kind of sucks, one because its Monday, Two because the weekends over and three because I have partied way too much lately, taken too many drugs and havent saved and fucken money. I know that this is all my own fault and blah blah blah so Im going to have a rest and try not to think about where my lifes going. Shit I hate it when people ask me that too, like where do you see urself in 10 years like to say to them, where do you see YOURSELF, asking people the same dumb questions perhaps? for lack of anything else to say. Oh and like they look at you wierdly and accuse you of not being in control of your life if you say you have no idea well FUCK YOU all I say, I mean seriously good on those people who know what there doing, where there going and what the hell there waking up for each morning, but I ask you, do you know what the point of knowing what you know, and doing what you do is? I bet you dont...hmmm well I think ive had enough of a Monday bitch now, kinda gloomy for a first entry, but I dont really care. Ill try to be honest in all my entry's and try not to think about what people will think when they read it.

Anyways, Later, from Manda

Amanda // 12:33 PM


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